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We are able to work on property buildings and structures up to 25 metres height.


We can use state of the art machinery in order to complete your repair job with ease and satisfaction.


We can keep your area of work tidy and secure, by maintaining the site in which we work on.


We can use our machinery to help on farms – ideal for barns and other height limited structures.


We are able to use our machinery to clean areas of your building in which others may find difficult to do.


We are able to offer building, refurbishment, repairs, maintenance, installation, demolition and cleaning services.

No scaffolding

SAH Building & Improvements do not use scaffolding making your job faster  to complete. (We may use mobile towers if needed due to limited access)

Quick and tidy

SAH Building & Improvements can access / change sites and set up very quickly without leaving a mess on your property or workplace.

69FT Cherry Picker

SAH Building & Improvements have a towable elevating work platform (21m/69ft height and 12m/39ft outreach) making the job easier and tidier.

External Works

SAH Building & Improvements specialise in external works around all property buildings and structures up to 25 metres height.