Roof Cleaning Pressure Washing Services

We clean, seal, and protect your roof, increasing the life of roof tiles and raising the value of the property.

Cleaning prevents moss, lichen, algae, and dirt damaging the roof.  It also reduces stress on the building.  In addition, it makes your roof look like a brand new, as well as, helps extend the life span of roof tiles and raise the value of the building.

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Internal Refurbishments renovations

Typical concrete roof tiles usually have the life expectancy of only 25-35 years. So if your roof is older and look aged, you should consider making it look better!

To restore your old roof to its former glory, our roof renovation is up to 80%cheaper than replacing with a new roof.

The Four Stages of your Roof Clean


Stage one

All health and safety set up is undertaken, downpipes disconnected to prevent drains becoming blocked and any flower bedding and lawns covered with sheeting.


Stage Two

The roof cleaning process is started. If your roof is mossy, we will ensure your neighbours are aware there may be a possiblity of moss balls being blasted over into their property, so they will be reassured that we will clean up any mess.


Stage Three

A qualified and well experienced roofer will undertake the following if needed;Replace all broken roof tiles, Re-point ridges, hips, valleys and eaves, Inspect and repair lead work


Stage Four

We then apply an anti-fungicidal wash onto roof tiles using a backpack low pressure spray. This treatment will remove any moss and lichen spores to prevent and minimise re-growth.


Roof Clean and Fungicidal Wash

Moss, Algae & Lichen Removal


If your tired of moss falling off the roof blocking your gutters or constantly having to sweep up moss from your patio then this service is just what you need. Not only does it look terrible it can also weaken the mortar on the ridges and valleys casing it to become weak and break up.


Moss removal by pressure washing is the best treatment as it completely removes moss, dirt and lichen which is vital if your roof is to stay moss free. To further prevent any re growth we can also apply a waterproof coating. Moss and lichen will only form on wet, pouros surfaces, by applying a water repellant coating, that breading ground is removed totally.


By using our roof re treatment service every 18-24 months your roof will stay moss free for much longer.


We have full employers and public liability and adhere to stringent H&S regulations to keep you, your property and our staff safe. We can also provide a risk assessment included in our quotation.